Industry Standard 16 x 42" Sleeve

Highest Efficiency

In real-world conditions the modulating inverter chassis means that the inefficient start/stop of the compressor is eliminated.

Incredibly Quiet

Inverter compressor, condensor fan, and evaporator fan slow to match cooling and heating demand of room, reducing operating sound levels.

Consistent Dehumidification

Modulating inverter technology ensures a cold condensing evaporator coil in part-load to keep comfortable humidity levels, eliminating clamminess in humid conditions.


The Benefits of Inverter Technology

The i42 Inverter Heatpump incorporates state-of-the-art INVERTER technology not found in any other PTAC, yet it ts into standard 16 x 42” PTAC sleeves. The i42 is the culmination of years of research to develop a PTAC to clearly lead the market with the lowest energy consumption, most consistent dehumidi cation, best conditioned air, and the lowest sound levels.

Although published EER’s will be similar to other PTACs, based on laboratory testing simulating real-world installations, up to a 30% reduction in energy consumption can be expected with the Applied Comfort i42 when compared to other PTACs!

Dramatic energy savings and sound reduction is achieved by modulating the output of the PTAC to match the cooling or heating demands of the room, eliminating costly and noisy compressor cycling.

Heatpump PTHP Series

Advanced Modulating Inverter

i42 inverter uses advanced inverter control with Mitsubishi inverter compressors to provide the highest efficiency cooling and heating, lowest noise levels, and the best temperature and humidity control under part-load conditions. i42 inverter is engineered to modulate it's components to eliminate inefficient 'cycling' on and off of the compressor, reduce power consumption under part-load demand, and maintain a consistent evaporator condensing surface for humidity control.

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